Brilliant Bali

August is a magical time in Bali.

You wake up and fall asleep to cool breezes, the light is softer, and everyone’s relaxed and happy.

If you can ignore the painfully high peak season rates and avoid the usual tourist spots, then it’s a dreamy time to soak in the brilliantly coloured flowers in full bloom, and spend your days by a beach off a dirt track. It’s time to stare at azure waves beating on the sand, and finally make some progress on your Goodreads list.

Here are some of our usual favourites to help you build your dream Bali getaway.

LaLuciola Bali

Start your day early with breakfast at LaLuciola. The food is fresh and picturesque, and the view is always mesmerising.

Bungalow Living Canggu
Take a slow drive down to Canggu, and stop at Bungalow Living for some shopping and coffee. Say hi to the star attraction while you’re there.
Finn's Beach Club
If Canggu is too relaxed, then you’ll love Finn’s Beach Club. Cliffside to beachside views, with refreshments and activities for the restless souls.
Motel Mexicola
If you’re like us and crave something with a punch after a lazy day by the beach, make a trip to Motel Mexicola for eye-popping colour and tacos.

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