How to start your days happier

My favourite part of the day - checking and blending fragrances

My favourite part of the day – checking and blending fragrances

I’ve been trying to find a rhythm to my days. So far, it looks like yoga, breakfast, testing last night’s blends, writing. Afternoon is still in flux, which feels so liberating. It’s pretty obvious which part of the day I love the most! Even when I’m checking on the progress of familiar fragrances, there’s a little burst of happiness when it smells… right.

Not every day is sunshine and happiness though. There are days when all I want to do is go back to sleep, and wake up only when I’m too hungry to ignore. It’s tempting to spend all day lazing on the couch binge watching K dramas, but the guilt that comes after will just push me to repeat the cycle of doom all over again.

So when I feel a grey cloud hovering, I try to chase it away – fast! Here’s how:

Be like a superhero (for two minutes)

Greys Anatomy fans will know what I mean but if you’re not one of them, watch how it’s done. Research has shown that assuming a high-power pose increases testosterone levels. Act like a superhero, and you’ll feel like one too.

Stretch in the light (for 10 minutes)

It’ll be the last thing you feel like doing, but it works. Stretching sharpens your senses and eases your aches, while the morning light is great for your health and weight.

Do something I love (for 10 minutes)

Because mind over matter, right? Instead of checking emails or messaging apps, I pick-up my Kindle and read a chapter of my current book obsession. 10 minutes later, the grey cloud has lifted, and I’m a different person. It’s almost like resetting your day 🙂

If you have any tips to share, please do!


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