In love with Patchouli

Sometimes you can fall in love with a name. That happened with Patchouli. It conjures up images of slow living – days filled with great friends in a rambling country manor, enjoying wholesome food, wine, basking in cool breezes and the warm sun.

The scent is warm, deep and earthy. You’ll find Patchouli Oil in fragrances for men and women, so it unconsciously becomes a familiar and comforting note. We use it as a base note to ground our fragrance Hug Me Close. Combined with Mandarin and Palmarosa, the scents combine to create a fragrance that starts off slightly citrus and sweet, mellowing into a floral and earthy scent. Rather like a hug 😉 This is the scent we reach for  when we’re feeling a little down and need some affection!

Aromatherapy benefits: Patchouli is a calming and grounding essential oil, often used in blends during prayer or meditation. It’s also used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, stress, eczema, fatigue, and oily skin


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