Meet Us Three

J & L have a love for scents that borders on obsession. To them, there has never been ‘enough’ when it comes to all things scented. Home, bath, body, car, hair, pet… the list goes on. J is a great believer in scents capturing the most magical moments in life. A perfect sunset by the beach, a wild night out, the first date with a new lover… L on the other hand always insists that smelling delicious is a woman’s prerogative. She is one of those enviable creatures that leaves a seductive trail of scent in her wake, the kinda girl that can charm with a whiff of her perfume.

A completes the trio behind fragrance haven Scent Library. As the only male, he is responsible for keeping J & L in line, and making sure that their insane love for scents doesn’t break the bank. He’s also known as ‘Scent-San’ on this blog, as shares his journey from a Scent Virgin to Scent Snob.

Now that you know who we are, tell us something about you! Your favourite scents, what a smell means to you, the lengths you would go to, to find the scent that is just so “YOU”…


J, L, & Scento-San



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