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Lavender madeleines homebaked natural by Donna Hay

Lavender goes with (almost) everything

And so my obsession with lavender continues… Weekends are supposed to be our clean eating days. But these lavender madeleines by Donna Hay are just 👌 Read more…

Natural skincare aromatherapy essential oils lavender

Lavender for a calmer, cleaner day

Lavender reminds me of childhood. Playing dress-up with my mum’s accessories and perfume. It’s a familiar scent that always makes me feel at home.

Add a few drops to your body lotion to soothe frazzled skin and feel calmer. Or apply a few drops of diluted lavender oil on your pulse points and warm some between your hands. Inhale, and enjoy a moment of peace 🙏

In love with Patchouli

Sometimes you can fall in love with a name. That happened with Patchouli. It conjures up images of slow living – days filled with great friends in a rambling country manor, enjoying wholesome food, wine, basking in cool breezes and the warm sun.

Read more…