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Furoshiki wrap of face mist

Learning furoshiki, the art of Japanese gift wrap

And it’s really an art. Whether you’re wrapping simple gifts with cloth, or using elaborately printed paper fastened with just one piece of tape, the Japanese style of gift wrap is deceptively simple. Rush, and you’ll end up with a mess. It takes patience, lots of trial and error, and rather nimble fingers to get it right. Youtube videos are also great 😀

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Moments of solitude

Everybody needs a bit of solitude. Whether it’s time to process what’s happened this week, or a quiet space to rediscover yourself. We organise our thoughts, rediscover our centre, and face the days ahead with renewed peace and clarity.

Our sense of smell has the closest link to our memories, so it seemed only natural to create a custom blend for these quiet moments through the week. Bergamot to release anger and bring back joy, Frankincense to feel calm and centred, Geranium for balance and Grapefruit for optimism.

If you’re having a rough time and find it hard to soothe your soul, perhaps our Solitude custom blend can help you settle down too. For enquiries, drop us a note.

Natural skincare with curious birman cat

Birmans are such curious creatures

Settling in for a quiet Saturday with some of my favorite things. The Two Fine Rascals have been mighty curious lately whenever there’s a camera out 😼 FS takes a look around whenever there’re flowers out, and MK is always attracted to food.

Marche aux fleurs, photo via Tumblr

Smell of Paris

More than its glorious flowers, the Marché aux fleurs smells like pensiveness. A freezing Sunday spent looking for flowers for a new apartment. That’s just a small part of the Smell Map of Paris by Kate McLean.

With over 24,000 chances a day to smell something new, it’s rather amazing how seldom we stop to breathe it in. Focus. Remember the moment and capture it forever. And when it eventually starts to fade, at least the scents that we associate with that moment will continue to remind us of what has passed.